UFC partners with ProhiBet to prevent illegal betting by fighters and staff

The UFC, a premier global mixed martial arts entity, has unveiled its alliance with ProhiBet, a platform ensuring sports betting integrity by overseeing restricted betting actions. This joint effort is designed to bolster UFC’s adherence to rules and shield its events from unauthorized wagers by athletes, trainers, staff, and officials.

ProhiBet’s Advanced Monitoring System

Per an official statement, ProhiBet will employ its sophisticated alert system to monitor individuals restricted from betting on UFC matches, in line with regional rules and the UFC Athlete Conduct Guidelines. Should ProhiBet spot any irregular activities from these individuals, it will notify both the UFC and online betting platforms using secure, decentralized data sharing methods.

Building on Existing Ties: U.S. Integrity and ProhiBet

This collaboration builds upon UFC’s existing ties with U.S. Integrity, a service that scrutinizes and reports unusual betting trends for all UFC matches. U.S. Integrity collaborates with ProhiBet through a joint venture, also partnering with Odds On Compliance, a firm specializing in sports betting and gaming compliance solutions.

Statements from Key Figures

Hunter Campbell, UFC’s Chief Business Strategist, remarked that allying with ProhiBet is a progressive move in preserving the sport’s integrity and guaranteeing a fair environment for its athletes. He emphasized UFC’s commitment to adhering to the evolving sports betting landscape’s regulations.

Matt Heap, ProhiBet’s Director, expressed his excitement about joining forces with the UFC, offering a holistic approach to oversee compliance amidst the intricate mesh of regional sports betting rules. He believes ProhiBet’s state-of-the-art solutions will amplify the clarity and reliability of sports betting operations, shielding the sport from potential malpractices.

Recent Controversies and UFC’s Response

This alliance follows a recent episode where UFC athlete Darrick Minner and coach James Krause faced suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission due to undisclosed pre-match injuries during a bout against Shayilan Nuerdanbieke at UFC Vegas 64 in late 2022. This bout experienced a notable shift in betting odds, favoring Nuerdanbieke, who clinched a victory in the initial round. Krause was also allegedly scrutinized for ties with an overseas betting entity.

In response, the UFC prohibited athletes and their affiliates from wagering on UFC matches, cautioning them against affiliating with Krause. The UFC also disseminated an instructional video to its athletes, clarifying its anti-gambling stance and highlighting the prohibition of bets by those privy to insider or undisclosed MMA match details.

Anticipated Impact of the Partnership

The UFC’s alliance with ProhiBet is anticipated to deter such future occurrences, preserving the sport’s trustworthiness and stature.

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