Stellar (XLM)

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Stellar for Online Casino Gaming on Casino Meerkat


Stellar (XLM) is a profound digital currency and smart contract platform aimed at simplifying cross-border transactions. It offers fast, secure, and low-cost transaction capabilities, making it a great choice for online gaming enthusiasts. At Casino Meerkat, we provide a curated list of outstanding casinos that accept Stellar, ensuring a streamlined and secure gaming journey.

Quick Facts about Stellar (XLM)

Here’s a table summarizing key aspects of Stellar, offering a quick insight into this promising cryptocurrency:

Fact CategoryDetails
Launch DateJuly 31, 2014
FounderJed McCaleb
Max Supply50 Billion XLM
BlockchainStellar Consensus Protocol (SCP)
Smallest UnitStroop (0.0000001 XLM)
Primary Use CasesCross-border Transactions, Token Issuance


Speedy Transactions

Stellar’s capability for rapid transaction processing means players can jump into gaming action without delay.

Lower Costs

With extremely low transaction fees, Stellar ensures that players have more funds for gaming.

Security and Scalability

Stellar’s secure and scalable network provides a reliable platform for all transactions.

How-To Guide

Step 1: Obtain Stellar (XLM)

Purchase XLM from reputable exchanges like Binance or Coinbase.

Step 2: Secure a Wallet

Store your XLM in a secure wallet like the StellarTerm or Lobstr.

Step 3: Select a Casino

Choose a Stellar-friendly casino listed on Casino Meerkat and create an account.

Step 4: Deposit Funds

Follow the casino’s deposit procedure to transfer XLM from your wallet to your casino account.

Step 5: Enjoy Gaming

With your account loaded, explore the array of games available and begin your gaming venture.


Stellar not only assures fast and low-cost transactions but also provides a secure platform for online gaming. It’s a remarkable currency choice for online gaming on Casino Meerkat. Explore the Stellar casinos listed here and embark on a thrilling gaming expedition.