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Betting is not just a game of luck. It’s a game of strategy and, when done correctly, can lead to big wins. However, it’s important to understand that not all betting strategies are created equal.

In fact, some are downright ineffective and can even be damaging to your bankroll. This is where the concept of betting progression comes in.

Explanation of Betting Progression

A betting progression is a strategy that involves adjusting the size of your bets based on previous outcomes. The goal is to increase your bets when you’re winning and decrease them when you’re losing.

There are many different types of progressions, each with their own set of pros and cons. One popular example is the Martingale progression.

With this strategy, you double your bet after each loss until you win, at which point you go back to your original bet size. On the other hand, with the D’Alembert progression, you increase your bet by one unit after each loss and decrease it by one unit after each win.

Benefits of Using a Betting Progression

The biggest benefit of using a betting progression is that it helps regulate your bankroll while still allowing for potential big wins. By adjusting your bets based on previous outcomes, you’re able to better manage risk while also maximizing potential reward.

Additionally, using a betting progression can help keep emotions out of the equation when making bets. When we experience losses or wins in succession without any change in our approach we tend to get disheartened or too complacent respectively which leads us on an emotional roller-coaster ride as emotions start taking over our decision-making process eventually leading us towards making bad decisions but with a clear guideline set through betting progressions we have an easier time keeping our heads cool while expressing calculated control over our decisions.

In short, employing a progressive betting strategy helps you become a more disciplined bettor, allowing you to make informed decisions while managing risk effectively. As the next sections elaborate on different types of progressions and their effectiveness, one can say that understanding these systems can help any bettor in achieving their goals.

Types of Betting Progressions

If you’re a gambler, you’ve probably heard the term “betting progression” thrown around a lot. A betting progression is a strategy used to determine how much to bet on each hand or spin, based on the previous outcome. The idea is that by increasing or decreasing your bet size based on whether you won or lost the previous round, you can maximize your overall winnings and minimize your losses.

There are several different types of betting progressions out there, but today we’re going to focus on three of the most popular: the Martingale progression, the Fibonacci progression, and the D’Alembert progression. Each of these strategies has its pros and cons, so let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Martingale Progression

The Martingale progression is probably one of the best-known betting systems in existence. Here’s how it works: every time you lose a bet, you double your next bet. The idea is that eventually, you’ll win one hand or spin and recoup all your losses plus some additional winnings.

On paper, this sounds like a pretty solid plan. But in practice?

Well… let’s just say that there’s a reason why casinos love people who use this system. Because while it’s true that eventually you’ll win back what you’ve lost (assuming that your bankroll can handle an infinite number of doubling bets), it only takes one really long losing streak to wipe out all your gains – and then some.

Is The Martingale Really The Best Option?

In my opinion? No way. While I recognize that some gamblers swear by this system (and hey, maybe they’ve had better luck than I have), I think it’s far too risky for most people.

Sure, if things go well over multiple rounds, you can come out ahead. But you’re also just one unlucky streak away from losing everything.

Fibonacci Progression

If the Martingale progression is too risky for you, then the Fibonacci progression might be a better option. This system is based on the famous Fibonacci sequence (you know, the one where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers).

To use this system, you start by betting one unit. If you lose, you bet another unit.

If you lose again, you bet two units. And so on and so forth.

The idea behind this strategy is that while it’s still progressive (i.e., your bet size increases after each loss), it’s not as aggressive as doubling your bets like in the Martingale system. And because it’s based on a mathematical sequence, there’s a certain elegance to it that some people find appealing.

Why The Fibonacci Sequence Is More Than Just A Math Concept

Personally, I think this system has a lot going for it. For one thing, I’m a sucker for anything based on cool math concepts (which I realize probably isn’t something that most people care about!). But more importantly, I think that this approach strikes a nice balance between being progressive enough to potentially recoup losses quickly without being so aggressive that it puts your bankroll at risk.

D’Alembert Progression

Last up we have the D’Alembert progression. This strategy works by adding one unit to your bet size after every loss and subtracting one unit from your bet size after every win. The idea behind this approach is similar to using an insurance policy – by betting more when things aren’t going well and less when they are going well, players hope to minimize their losses and maximize their gains.

The D’Alembert Progression – A Strategy For The Patient Player

I’ll admit that this system isn’t my favorite – it feels a bit too conservative for my taste. But I know plenty of people who swear by it, and there’s no denying that it can be effective in certain situations.

If you’re the type of player who is willing to be patient and wait for things to turn around, then this might be the system for you. Just don’t expect to get rich overnight!

Best Betting Progression for Different Games


Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino and has been a staple for centuries. There are multiple betting strategies you can use when playing roulette, but two stand out as the most effective: The Martingale System and the Fibonacci System. The Martingale System is a simple, yet effective betting strategy in which you double your bet every time you lose.

This means that if you bet $10 on black and it comes up red, you would then bet $20 on black. If it loses again, you would then bet $40 on black and so on until you win.

The idea behind this is that eventually, if you keep doubling your bet, you will win and make back all of your previous losses plus a profit. The Fibonacci System is another popular strategy used by many roulette players because it’s based on a mathematical sequence found in nature.

With this system, each number in the sequence represents one unit of betting. If your first bet is $10 and loses, your next bet would be $10 (again), but if that loses as well, then move to $20 (the next value in the sequence).

If that doesn’t win either then move to $30 (the next value) and so forth until making a profit. This method isn’t quite as aggressive as the Martingale system but can still yield good results over time.


Blackjack players have their own set of favorite betting strategies too. Two systems stand out: The Martingale System and D’Alembert System.

The Martingale system is based on doubling bets after each loss – just like with roulette – but this method can also lead to disaster quickly with blackjack because of the game’s higher volatility. It’s easy to lose big in just a few hands if the bets are too high.

Therefore, it’s crucial to limit bet sizing so that losses can be sustained and profits earned. The D’Alembert system, on the other hand, is safer for blackjack players because it’s a progressive betting system where after each loss you increase your bet by one unit.

After each win you decrease it by one unit. This method is safer than Martingale because it avoids doubling up and mitigating losses if things go south.

Sports Betting

When it comes to sports betting, there are a lot of betting systems out there, but none compares to Kelly Criterion or Reverse Martingale. The Kelly Criterion is a money management strategy that involves calculating what percentage of your bankroll you should bet based on the odds given by bookmakers.

It involves calculating your edge over the bookmaker’s odds and then placing bets accordingly – meaning that you only place bets with mathematically positive value. It takes time and discipline to master this method but experienced bettors swear by its effectiveness.

The Reverse Martingale system involves increasing bets after every win, instead of every loss like in Martingale progression. The idea behind this method is that if a winning streak occurs (which happens more often than one might think), then profits will be maximized since more money will be wagered on each subsequent winning bet without risking too much capital like with standard progression methods such as the Martingale System.

The Cons of Betting Progressions

While betting progressions can be an effective strategy in some situations, they are not without their downsides. For starters, they often require a significant amount of bankroll to use effectively.

As you progress through the sequence and increase your bets, you run the risk of losing more money than you may have intended. Additionally, betting progressions can sometimes lead to overconfidence and irrational behaviour.

A player who finds success with a particular progression may become too reliant on it and fail to consider other factors such as odds and probability. This can lead to reckless decision-making that ultimately costs them more money in the long run.

Why Betting Progressions Aren’t Always the Best Option

Of course strategies aren’t water proof. It comes with experience to acknowledge when to use a specific strategy and in the beginning it can be inflexible in certain situations. For example, in games where there are limits on how much you can bet per round or hand, using a progression may not be possible or practical.

Additionally, some progressives may work well in certain games but not so well in others. Furthermore, while there’s no doubt that betting progressions can work over short periods of time, over the long term they are unlikely to beat the house edge.

In fact, using a progression could actually compound losses if you’re consistently playing against unfavourable odds.


While there’s no denying that betting progressions can be an effective way to manage your bankroll or even turn a profit in some situations; however it also comes at great risk especially when it comes to losing money due being overconfident or irrational behaviour . It is important for players to understand the limitations of these strategies and consider other factors such as probability, odds and game rules before deciding whether to use them.

Ultimately, the most important factor in any betting strategy is discipline and a rational approach to gambling. If you can maintain that mindset, you can minimize your risk and maximize your chances of success over the long term.

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